Nova Nova Scotia

by New Canada

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written performed recorded and produced by new canada
at our homes in falls church va and washington dc
february-august 2014


released September 9, 2014

justyn – guitar keyboard ukulele ocarina banjo percussion vocals lyrics 2 3 8 10
ross – bass guitar percussion vocals lyrics 1 4 5 7 9
baxter – drums percussion bass vocals

mastered by alex deturk
at strange weather brooklyn ny
september 3-5 2014



all rights reserved


New Canada Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Gyroscope
sad stuff is always happening here a lot of people show up a lot of people disappear my lover vanished into thin air thought i had some friends around somewhere carved a gun from a piece of soap cut myself a length of rope what i need is a gyroscope steady love to help me cope my face reflecting in my drink but it’s getting hard to swallow it’s getting hard to think thinking hard and acting tough hoping no one here calls my bluff you can’t see her cause she’s not there she’s a little wheel turning in the middle of the air little wheel turning in the big wheels care won’t you play me a song so i don’t get scared
Track Name: I Am Not Your Moon
i am not your moon i do not revolve around you i don’t hide until the dark i don’t hide until you need the side of me that lights your way when you can’t see all the things that come easy in the day i don’t follow you in orbit i don’t pull upon your seas i don’t cause your tides to rise and fall and overwhelm your water walls and flood your face i feel bad i won’t take the blame moon hangs high up in a sky that stretches higher still
Track Name: Julia's Real Orthodox
julia’s real orthodox she loves her ikons she kisses each one every time she buys them and puts them all on a shelf the most special place in the house talks real religion at the record store every week she gets one two three maybe more beautiful ageless faces captured before she was born that old music brings you to your knees hit the floor into heavenly pieces stays close to her bible committed to preparing for the rearrival of a time we’ll all be judged by how we hold our favorite songs takes drugs like they’re sacraments same as in the stories who’d have thought that rock and roll would turn out as boring as late night cocaine talking like a sermon on a sunday morn a real true believer gazes at the sky ecstatic as teresa every time an old song plays she thinks on a better world may you rest in heavenly pieces
Track Name: Drones
smaller than a dragonfly or blotting out the moon coming fast or slowly like a child’s balloon security or liberty i think you know the tune here i am come look at me i am what i am if you could read my thoughts you still wouldn’t understand tortured or brain scanned i’m human i’m not in your plan i hate the random murderers who blow themselves apart i hate the massive controllers who are drilling in our hearts i hate the sleeping millions who ignore it while it starts come on now monitor me
Track Name: The Chain Dance
you didn’t want to cry alone and i had a shoulder to lend you said that you weren’t in love but you wanted us to be friends i lost a lot of pieces to you in a game that i just can’t win i guess i want them back couldn’t you just give them back i’ll never have them back again look at the people in the chain dance moving so fast they are still holding hands pulling so hard they’re going to get pulled apart dancing to the rhythms of each other’s hearts I tried to get through to her when she told me it was through then she kept a secret flame and mentioned me to you your soul mate her bodyguard oh what am i to do in my own way i’ve been true to myself even him and you the golden rule turns our green eyes blue again valerie did you really care for me or was i just another dream
Track Name: Lifeboat
blown to pieces rest in peace two young tenants broke their lease they didn’t know what they were thinking of they decided to call it love they were like two people in a lifeboat nothing left but traces on a sea of faces they were so pathetic it was almost ideal a love so dramatic it nearly wasn’t real everybody they knew was peeking all the while their bed was leaking call it quitting call it quits call her back again if you give a shit were they too old fashioned are we too hip if you didn’t go down with the ship are you one of two people in a lifeboat
Track Name: Space Blues
woke in dead of the night space was all i could see i saw millions of stars dead before they reached me dead before their light reached me saw a crowd in the dark and they all looked the same everyone looked the same bodies missing their faces faces missing their names and i hear you talking what’s this way i hear you talking i don’t think i’ve seen you talking this way before they call me the rememberer they call that a curse i forget about nothing i’ve seen nothing worse i’ll never forget those things you said to me what did you say what was it you said to me i forget almost nothing
Track Name: Great Big Window
in a small room with a great big window you can sit and watch the world go by you can sit until the sun has left the sky and when the night falls you don’t draw your curtains there will be moon and stars and planets that’s for certain you can sit and watch all the worlds go by i can arrange it for you thought it seems strange to do life is still good for a laugh even when the coffee’s decaf i’m not too scared to see what you’re prepared to be you can have it all not just half everywhere you look there’s a path eleanor ross taylor nineteen twenty to two thousand twelve
Track Name: Breathing Exists
breathing exists yeah it’s all true sure as the hands hanging beside you muscles skin the veins within it’s all true if breathing exists it stands to reason the air stays air across all seasons fuels us propels us we take it in expel it the air moves even when we stand still shoulders steady hands my hands aren’t there to touch you i move them so they can i move them near i move them far i’ll go anywhere you are there you are consider now that all this air sustains us both even when it’s something we share a single breath two sets of lips and